DJ Hacker has always been drawn to music. Aiming himself toward the EDM and Alternative Crowd, DJ Hacker thrives toward getting the audience into motion as he pounds out the hard beats and funky rhythms. His expertise in the field of Rave Underground and the Local Clubs in the City express how open-minded he is when it comes to music. Whether it be hits form the Alternative format to the music of DJ Tiesto, DJ Mystic, Daft Punk, Flo Rida, and RBL, DJ Hacker deeply involves himself into his work as a DJ.

Music Focus:

Jungle, Progressive House, Trance, Urban Hip-Hop, and Dub-Step/Trap

Preferred Weapons:

Pioneer CDJ-2000's, CDJ-3000 Players, Denon Prime IV Controller, Vestax PDX-A2s Turntables

DJ Influences:

Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Kaskade, DJ 8Ball, DJ Amanda

Preferred Events:

Clubs, Weddings, Battle Mixing, House Parties, and MC Required Events

A Good DJ is always looking to the crowd and seeing what they like, seeing whether it is working or not, and communicating with them. My main aim is to up my game at every possible turn without compromise - DJ Hacker

Year Established:



He Resides in the San Francisco East Bay and spins a majority of his sets in the East Bay and Sacramento Area.