Local Bay Area & Sacramento DJ, Promoter, Engineer, and Producer... DJ Reid stakes his claim to fame on several studio released albums. He previously toured with Velcro Collective (under the record label, Pedestrian Music) and has DJ'ed at several East Vay venues, such as Mighty119. He has a great talent for reading the crowed when it comes to music section and is always experimenting with different songs and rhythms. His successful album cut in 2006 is, "Metaphors" - State of Mind. They are currently still selling at Rasputin Records and Apple Music. In the meantime, keep an eye on this bay area DJ and Band Member. He currently has a few Audio Projects and Short Films in the works and collaborates with many notable musicians all over the United States.

Music Focus:

Old Skool, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Mash-Ups, Funk, Battle Scratch

Preferred Weapons:

Vestax Battle Mixers, ProTools, Technics SL1200's M7LPA

DJ Influences:

Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Invisibl Skratch Piklz

Preferred Events:

Clubs, House Parties, DJing with Bands, Urban Mixing, Sampling Grooves, Mash-Ups, Music Production/Remixing

My job as a DJ and a Producer is just to have a big encyclopedia in my head. Everything I make as a Producer; I visualize it as a DJ first. And all those beats, i test them as a DJ. Keep the world moving my making uplifting music. - DJ Reid

Year Established:



Born in the East Bay and currently resides near Downtown Sacramento. Check out his current collaborative audio tracks at Hitrecord and Apple Music collaborated with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cibo, Matto, Nels Cline & Michael Leonhart.

HitRecord Collaborative Tracks
APPLE MUSIC - iTunes Collaboration