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Your Wedding...

A Once In A Lifetime Event, Let's Make it Unforgettable

Let's work together to create that unique and special day. We understand not every wedding is the same. We listen to your needs and vision to guide you through the entire process.

When the big day comes, we expect you to enjoy and celebrate this milestone without being bothered by managing the day. We are all about planning and communication prior to the wedding day. We will work together to refine a detailed itinerary of the day that sets the tone of your expectations and gives us a clear understanding of what you are envisioning. Let us work with your vendors directly in providing a smooth and seamless wedding experience.
Just like every event we work, we customize the package that best fits your needs, while still trying to be price conscious.


Most wedding vendors are very secretive when it comes to pricing. We've got nothing to hide. We believe we are more than reasonably priced based on the level of entertainment, professionalism, customer service, gear quality, and years of experience in the industry.

It is no secret that Wedding DJ Services can cost anywhere from $2,000-$3,500 for Professional Grade Gear and Entertainers. Not With Us!!! On average, our couples spend between $950-$1,800 with the same quality and performance our competitors charge double the price.

We offer the same professional services at a fraction of the cost by eliminating those extra costs and overhead that provide little benefit to our clients. Saving costs on "Brick and Mortar" facilities, extra staffing, receptionists, and assistants allow us to keep our prices down, while providing even better communication with our clients. This provides us the ability to be aggressive on pricing packages without sacrificing the end result of service on your special day.

Each DJ works directly with our clients, allowing seamless communication and less "telephone game" issues. Providing direct customer services by our DJ's makes everything go smoother and saves you money.


Let's Be Honest, the wedding is all about the married couple, not the DJ. The DJ should play the role of support to elevate the event, but not be the center of attention. We focus on this philosophy. We are not the DJ cracking jokes and hogging the microphone. We focus on what is important and play the role of a pseudo
wedding coordinator, instead of the egotistical self-centered entertainer.

Your wedding celebration only happens once! There are no second chances, and we understand that. When you hire a DJ for your wedding, it should be someone you trust. Someone that can handle the intricate details and needs of your event. It's no secret; the music hugely influences the overall vibe of your wedding.

We focus on the importance of prepping for the day, by working with the knowledge you have of your guests and what motivates them to have a good time. We hone that preparation into an action-packed fun night when the big day arrives.

Booking a DJ should be an exciting, fun, and easy experience. We are not salespeople. We are all about creating an awesome experience for you and your guests without taking away the main focus of the night, YOU!


We have proudly supported and DJ’ed many events of the LGBTQ community and marriage equality for all.

Two grooms?  Two Brides?  No Problem!

Love = Love


The Wedding Planning Overview


THE PROPOSAL!!!  From then, up to the wedding day, you’ve entered a world of planning.  Everyone loves the idea of a beautiful, special, and fun wedding.  Until you actually start planning.  It’s a major milestone, so that means it requires planning, organizing, timing, and problem solving to make it a success.  To help make your special day run smoothly, we facilitate this process by giving you the tools that will make planning your wedding fun and easy.  We will provide you a sample itinerary to edit and tweak it to your liking.  This will help give a rough foundation that we will refine together over the last few weeks before the big day.  About one week before your wedding, we will set a meeting and go over every single detail to make your wedding exactly how you envisioned it.


It’s here.  The ceremony.  The sacred moment in your life that cements the promises of your new future.  We will provide a professional quality sound system that our sound engineers will be controlling the vocals and music through the entire ceremony.  The itinerary in the pre-wedding planning will be the framework we will follow so we can play the right track at the right time.


Your guest’s favorite part!  Feel free to relax and enjoy the cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and we’ll take care of the rest.  During cocktail hour, your guests will enjoy a fantastic mix of songs created to set the perfect atmosphere.  Cocktail hour is a great time to play music that you can’t really dance to, but songs that both of you absolutely love.  We will prep this custom mix filled with the requested music of your choice.


Party Time!  This is the special moment to celebrate with all your friends, family and loved ones! By having Thump Sound DJ Services at your wedding, you’re setting yourself up for a successful celebration that will have your guests talking!  We know how to coordinate your event.  We are all about maximizing dance time and minimizing the filler.  We will make sure to carefully choose the right songs to play and to keep your dance floor moving.  Careful timeline coordination with your vendors, an awesome song selection, an exciting grand entrance, and a smooth, stress-free celebration is what we promise you.

Our Simple 5-Step Process

1. Contact us

Contact us via our website, e-mail, text, or call. to check our availability and get a customized price quote.

2. Interact with us

We are here to answer any questions during the research phase of planning for DJ Services.  We customize every wedding event with music, itinerary, and logistics.

3. Book with us

Let us know you’re ready to move forward! To secure the date, all we need is a signed contract.  NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED.

4. Plan with us

During the planning phase we are here to help you for every step of the way. Use our Microsoft Word Document “Sample Itinerary” to begin planning your celebration (choose your music and create a timeline of events).  Send this over about 5-6 weeks prior to the event.  That is when we go to work and start analyzing your work and building custom music crates to prepare for the big day.  We will schedule with you a phone meeting 1 week before the event to finalize every single detail of your celebration together. We will go over your music selection, event festivities, and timeline of events.

5.  Party Time!

Watch as your vision finally comes to life! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day with family & friends


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